McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Ch Frontier's Father Figure ('Dylan')

Dylan's sire is Buck's son Academy's-Frontier Native Dancer('Nate').  His dam is Cathryn's daughter Ch McEmn's Calamity Jane.

Dylan lived with and wais co-owned with Rob in Tampa.  Dylan finished his championship 2/26/06.  Dylan's Pedigree.

Dylan sired a litter with Morgan in February, 2007.  One of his puppies is Jade.

Dylan sired a litter out of Olivia February, 2008.  His champion puppies are Christophe and  Trystan.

He sired a litter out of Murphy in April, 2010. His champion daughter is Sparkle.

Dylan & family (above 12-2007)

Dylan with Rob

<<--at 11 years-->>

at 3 years

finishing his championship

<<2 years >> 

<<2 years>>>  

At 16 months->

9 months

5 1/2 months above

Left at 9 months

Stalking at 16 weeks...(above)

9 weeks

Guys just gotta have fun!




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