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Located just east of Tampa, Florida, we breed quality show and companion fawn and brindle Great Danes.    Puppies are available occasionally; older puppies and adults may sometimes be available, including retired champions.   If you are interested in a puppy or an adult, please send us a puppy application.


BREEDING PLANNED: We plan to breed Diana next, but sire not determined yet..

CONGRATULATIONS to HATTY finishing on 11/20/21 with three more majors with a total of five. She's now Ch McEmn-DaneKraaft's Dancing For My Father

To FOSSE (Abba x Vortex) on finishing on 11/5/2021. Now she is Ch McEmn-DaneKraaft Shall We Dance.

New photos for Christmas of Sugar, Diana, and Hatty

DIANA - she finished her championship on Halloween, 2020!.

McEmn Champions - 53 champions owned or bred; 49 champions bred. So far...

CONGRATULATIONS SPIRIT - She has qualified for the Great Dane Club of America HALL OF FAME

CH McEmn's Wild Goose with 31 performance title after her far - the only Great Dane we know of so far with a Master Scent Work overall title.

Updated pictures of the Abba x Vortex litter.

Below left is a portrait of Margaret done from a photo - the photo is on the second row on the right.  This portrait won a Best in [Art] Show & breed prize at The Art Show at the Dog Show..

Ch Rojon's Emily of Janik

Ch McEmn's Alexis

Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD (Tytus)

Ch McEmn's Cathryn

McEmn's Ruth

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Ch McEmn's The Dancing Queen (Abba)






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Great Dane Seminar

Ch McEmn's Olivia finished entirely from Bred By Exhibitor class, qualifying her for the AKC Eukanuba invitational show, Tampa, FL, 2005.

Ch McEmn's Rachel finished entirely from Bred By Exhibitor class, qualifying her for the AKC Eukanuba invitational show, Tampa, FL, 2006.