McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Abba and Vortex Puppies

We bred Abba (Ch McEmn's-Crekside's The Dancing Queen) to Vortex (GCh DaneKraafts Whirl Effect V Den-en.) Seven puppies born June 25, 2019.

2 brindle boys, 1 brindle girl, 4 fawn girls

Blue (Chad)and orange-black (Ragnar)collars: brindle boys; silver brindle girl (Rio); fawn girls: red&white (Ch Hatty), yellow (Ch Fosse), lime green (Tango), red (Chora)

Full color pedigree


Ch McEmn's-Crekside's The Dancing Queen (Abba)

GCh DaneKraafts Whirl Effect V Den-en (Vortex)

Rags (orange-black boy) 2 1/2 years

Rags (more Rags)

4+ months left

lime girl

Chad (16 month) with Sandy and Bill


Tango (15 months) with Mandi

Chora 3 months (red girl)

Chora with MaryEllen

Ch Hatty (red & white girl) 15 mths


Ch Hatty with Rob, Steph, Maddie, Lexi, and Carter - and me and Laura (2 years)


Rio (silver girl) 2 years

GCh Fosse (yellow girl) 15 mths


Rio with Bonnie


Fosse with Tammy & Craig

GCh McEmn-DaneKraaft Shall We Dance



5 days




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