McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Maya x Keeper, September, 2004

Maya was bred to Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived (Keeper) and had puppies on 9/16/04: 1 girl and 2 boys.  Gold=Dante.  Turquoise=Murphy.  Red=Bette.    Pedigree Maya x Keeper puppies.

McEmn's Maya CD

Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived ('Keeper')


More Dante pictures

Left & above, Dante in GA with Trish & Burke

Murphy & 1/2 sister Samantha.  

Murphy has his Canadian and International Championships.

His name is Can Ch CFC Ch McEmn's Serious Contender

Murphy (left) with sister Samantha in Canada

Veteran Murphy (middle)

Ch The Divine McEmn (Bette)

Bette  (13 1/2 months above) co-owned & lives with Ila

<<--Gold 6+ weeks-->>

<Turq 6+ weeks->

<--Red 6+ weeks-->

<<<Turquoise, 5+ weeks>>>



At 3 weeks

A few days old




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