McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Belle x Buck Litter 1999

Belle was bred to Buck to produce a litter of 8 born June 28, 1999.  

This litter is linebred on Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD (Tytus).  It was co-bred with Ila Minton.  Pedigree.

McEmn's Happy Trails Buckeroo (above)

Ch McEmn-Anjari's Ma Belle (above)

McEmn's Maya CGC CD (left & above); Bred to Casey for a 2/2003 litter.

Maya was also bred to Keeper for a litter born September, 2004

Ch McEmn's Ms Dietrich To You (Marlena) (above & right)

at 18 months & 4 months; Owned by Ila Minton.

Ch McEmn's Ellen (above & left).

Ch McEmn The Buck Stops Here (Truman) (above & left).

Photo by Patti Neale

Lakota CDX (above & left)




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