McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Ch Frontier's Father Figure (Dylan)

x  McEmn's Murphy


Murphy was bred to Dylan February 2, 2010.  The litter was born 4/3/2010: 3 boys and 3 girls.  Recent pictures below .



Ch Frontier's Father Figure (Dylan)

McEmn's Murphy

<<Dylan at 9 weeks

<<-- Murphy at 7 weeks

Connor  (burgundy) lives with Gary in FL - above at the beach


4 years old

Bella (pink)  (major pointed) with Jamie & Jenn

<<^Zorro (purple) with Jeff & Kathy, and Zena (Olivia's daughter)

Ch Sparkle Plenty (aka Roxy) (Red) - 1 year

co-owned with Jason & Susan

Turquoise - Mollie & lives with Jason, Susan, & Lacey

<<--  Mollie

8 months in photos

Henry (Yellow)  14 months

at 3 1/2 with Angel


10 days old above and right

Susan et al

Puppies with surrogate mom Shakira - 3 days old

with first born yellow, waiting for the rest

all here - 1 day old




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