McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Ellie x Ch OurDane's Fabulous Fabio

Litter August 1997


Ch McEmn's Eleanor Riggsbee was bred to BISS Ch OurDane's Fabulous Fabio and whelped a litter August 28, 1997.

Ch OurDane's Fabulous Fabio.

Ch McEmn's Eleanor Riggsbee

   Pedigree for litter.

Above and left, Ch McEmn-Anjari's Ma Belle

Above and left, Ch McM-Anj Eleanor's Roosevelt


Annie above & with brother JD in March 2005

Annie at 8 (above)

JD at 9 years (above)

Annie at 9 (above

JD at 9





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