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Nikki Riggsbee Ch McEmn's Perhaps Maggie

Maggie's mother is Cecelia (Ch McEmn's High Maintenance Woman), her sire Tytus (Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson.  

Maggie was born 7-1-2008.

Maggie is a product of granddaughter bred to grandfather.

She earned her championship 9/25/2011.

Bred to Hudson, she had a litter January 2, 2012, including Ch Really and Ch Dessie.

Maggie's Pedigree

With the Fallica family.


7 years

5 years

4 years

2 12 years

    3 1/2 yrs


2 years  

17 months, with mother Cecelia

2 years (above)

 8 1/2 months

 17 months

11 weeks above

 4 1.2 months

<- 6 weeks->

19 days, above

Maggie 5 weeks above

3 days old

with Cecelia's tongue upper left corner, in case you were wondering

tips of puppy feet show

Ch McEmn's High Maintenance Woman

(Cecelia) - Maggie's mother

Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD

(Tytus)  Maggie's sire




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