McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Margaret x Ch Jerdan's Cruel Intentions

.   Margaret (Ch McEmn's Margaret) was bred to Ch Jerdan's Cruel Intentions on 10/19/04.   Pedigree for puppies.

Red-Cecilia, Pink-Amelia, Gold-Thatcher, Orange-Denali, Blue-Michael

Ch McEmn's Margaret

Ch Jerdan's Cruel Intentions

Michael 2 years above

Michael (1 year)(blue)

2 1/2 yrs

<<Ch Cecilia (Red) >> above at 6 years

Ch Amelia(Pink) in PA with Rick;  2+ years above & left;

5 point specialty major 6-2008, photo by Jennifer

More Amelia Photos

Ch Amelia at 2007 national

<<Denali(Orange) (4 months)>>

More Thatcher

Thatcher with Andrea & Sheldon

2 weeks

Margaret and litter of 6 at 1 week

1 day old




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