McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Ch Frontier's Morgan at McEmn

Morgan's sire is Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived (Keeper).  Her dam is Ch McEmn's Calamity Jane (dam of 2 champions)

Her full brother is also named Keeper.  Her half-brother is Dylan, Ch Frontier's Father Figure.

Morgan is OFA cardiac normal.  

She had a litter in February, 2007.  One of her children is Jade.

Watch Morgan and Cecelia leaping for squirrels.

Our last photos of Morgan

<<< 8 years old >>>

                      << 7 years old >>

six years old above and left

<<4 years      5 years>>>

 <---2 years

at 2 years

At 1 year old (above)

at 8 months

6 months (above)

Almost 16 weeks

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