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Nikki Riggsbee Ch McEmn's Olivia
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Olivia's sire is Ch Fireside's I Got To Be Me (Casey).  Her dam is Ch McEmn's Elizabeth's Taylor.  She was born in 2002. 

Olivia is OFA cardiac clear, thyroid normal, eyes CERFed, and OFA hips good - CHIC# 37088

Olivia finished her championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

She is 34 1/2 inches tall, has dark eyes, a scissors bite, and complete dentition.

Olivia bred to McEmn's Margaret's Thatcher;   puppies born June 3, 2006.  Among her puppies are Murphy and Ellie.

Olivia's second litter sired by Dylan born February 15, 2008 - including Ch Trystan, Ch Christophe, and Paulie.  

almost 9 years

Almost 8 years old

With her daughter Trystan

 <<7 years  young>>

almost 7 years

almost 6 years

almost 5 years

At 3 years

28 months

2 years (above and right)

11 months (above); 23 months (right)

7 months (above)

 At 10 months (above)

At 4months (above and right)

At 7 weeks

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