McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Olivia x Dylan

Olivia had 4 puppies - 2 boys and 2 girls - on February 15, 2008.   Pedigree.

I put ribbon collars on them to tell them apart.  Purple & Turquoise are the boys.  Red and Pink are the girls.  We lost Pink.

Purple becomes Ch Christophe.  Turquoise is Paulie.  Red is Ch Trystan. 

Olivia's first litter, born June, 2006


Ch McEmn's Olivia

Ch Frontier's Father Figure (Dylan)  

Paulie with Joe, Jen, and Cece and little Joe (above)

5 months

2 3/4 years

Ch McEmn's Olivia's Tryst (Trystan) ^ and >

2+ years, the day she finished


Purple aka Ch Christophe at 8 months

At 1 1/2 years - More Ch Christophe pictures.

4 days

3 weeks above

1 day





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