McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Olivia x Thatcher

Ch McEmn's Olivia was bred to Margaret's son McEmn's Margaret's Thatcher; fawn and brindle puppies born June 3, 2006.  

This litter is linebred on Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD.

2 fawn boys (blue & turquoise), 4 fawn girls (orange, purple, burgandy, pink), 4 brindle girls (yellow, red, white, gold)

Olivia x Thatcher pedigree

McEmn's Margaret's Thatcher

(at 22 months, above)

Ch McEmn's Olivia (above)

Murphy (pink collar) - fawn female

Murphy - co-owned with Jason, Susan, & Brett

Tessa (burgundy collar) - fawn female (4 months)

Tessa with Denise & family

Gold 4 months

Torah (gold) with Chris, Jacqueline, and Angel

Gold collar female

<<white - Dakota at 1 year

All grown up

With Scott & Lisa

Red collar female - Ellie - works as a therapy dog

with Jan & Elizabeth

blue collar boy - Prince - at 16 months

with Mitch & Erica & family

orange collar - fawn female - Zena - 7 months

Zena at 6 years, with Kathy & Jeff

purple collar - fawn female - Shelby at 4 1/2 years

with Angel - more Shelby photos

turquoise collar - fawn male - Sulley - 2 years, sharing a chair with a Corgi buddy

Sulley at 6 years with Gina, Jim, and Christina

yellow collar  female- Lilly with Dawn

Lilly with her nephew Woodson

2 days old




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