McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Past Great Danes

Most of these Great Danes have contributed to the McEmn pedigree.  They are champions or producers of champions, or both.  

We're proud of all of them and miss them.  Don't cry for what was lost, smile for what we had.  (Birth year in parentheses.)

God saw you getting tired, And a cure was not to be,

So He put His arms around you, And He whispered, "Come to Me."

With tearful eyes we watched you, And saw you pass away.

Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working paws put to rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.

Ch Mountdania's Meg of Janik (dam of 4 champions)  (1981)

Ch Rojon's Emily of Janik (granddam of champions) (1982)

Ch McEmn's Christopher Byron CD  (1983)

BIS Ch McEmn's Millertime V Peachdane  (1983)

Ch McEmn's Alexis  (1984)

McEmn's Raisin' Cain (sire of 3 champions)  (1987)

McEmn's Fay Wray (dam of 3 champions)  (1987)

Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD ROM(Tytus) (sire of 17 champions)  (1989)

Ch McEmn's Maggie May  (1989)

McEmn's Amazing Grace (dam of 3 champions)  (1989)

McEmn's Emily the Sequel (Emmy) (12 points, 1 major) (dam of 2 champions)  (1992)

Ch McEmn's Richard Joshua  (sire of 1 champion)  (1992)

McEmn's Jenna  (1998)

Ch McEmn's Keep The Faith (Elizabeth) (dam of 1 champion, granddam of 5 champions)  (1993)

Ch McEmn's Cathryn (dam of 2 champions)  (1992)

McEmn's Happy Trails Buckeroo (sire of 4 champions & 2 obedience titled dogs)  (1998)

Ch McEmn's Eleanor Riggsbee (dam of 3 champions)  (1994)

Ch McEmn's Ellen  (1999)

McEmn's Lakota Sunka Zi CDX  (1999)

Ch McEmn's Proud Mary  (grandmother of champions)(1996)

McEmn's Maya CD  (1999) - dam of 3 champions and several others major pointed

retired certified therapy dog

McEmn's Ruth  (1997)

Ch McEmn's Elizabeth's Taylor  (1998) (dam of 1 champion)

Ch McEmn-Anjari's Ma Belle  (1997) (dam of 4 champions & 1 CDX & 1 CD)
Ch McEmn's Margaret (2001) (dam of 2 champions)   (retired certified therapy dog)

McEmn's Murphy (2006) (dam of 1 champion)

Ch McEmn's Rachel   (2003)
Ch McEmn's Olivia      (2002) (dam of 2 champions)
Ch Frontier's Morgan at McEmn    (2002) (Aunt of 2 champions)
McEmn's August Jade (2007)

Ch The Divine McEmn  (Bette)  (2004) (dam of 1 champion)

with Ila

Ch Frontier's Father Figure (Dylan)  (2003-2014) (sire of 3 champions, grandsire of four champions)

with Rob, Carla, and family

Ch McEmn's High Maintenance Woman (Cecelia)(2004) (dam of 3 champions)

with Gina, Jim, and Christina

Ch McEmn's Charlee (2011))

Ch McEmn's Perhaps Maggie (2008)(dam of 2 champions)

(with Jim, Gina, and Christina)

Ch McEmn's Sparkle Plenty (2010) ( dam of Ch Sugar)

(with Jason & Susan)

Ch McEmn's Olivia's Tryst (Trystan) (2008) (dam of three champions)

(with Rock and Ruth)


Ch McEmn's Portrait of Jennie (2009)

(co-owned with Angel)

Ch McEmn's Really Really (2012)

(with Jim, Gina, and Christina)

Ch McEmn's Kiss Me Cate (2011)

dam of Ch Eliza


Ch McEmn's Miranda  (2009) (dam of GCh Hannah)

(with Gretchen)

GCh McEmn's Here We Go Again (Hannah) (2012)

(co-owned with Jack)

Ch McEmn-Crekside's My Fair Lady (Eliza) (2013)

McEmn's Anticipation (Carly) (2016)

with Bitsy

Ch McEmn's Good & Plenty (Sugar) (2013)





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