McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Tytus x Sparkle

Sparkle was bred to Tytus on 5/27/2013. Puppies born 7/26.

Five boys: yellow - Ty, burgundy - Maverick, white - Dillon, red - Remington, and purple - Fletcher;

Two girls: turquoise - Cleo; pink - Good & Plenty (Sugar)



Ch McEmn's Sparkle Plenty (also called Roxy)

Ch McEmn Emily's Dickenson CD (Tytus)

almost 5 months

burgundy (boy) Maverick with Diane in barn hunt

2 1/2 years

almost 26 months

pink (girl) Ch Good & Plenty with us, called Sugar

almost 1 1/2 years

purple - Fletcher with Michelle, Tonya, & Betty

2 years

two years - more Remington photos

red (boy) GCh McEmn's Remington with Linda & TJ

almost 4 months

turquoise (girl) Cleo with Kathy & Jeff , almost 2 years

almost 2 years

white (boy) Dillon with Uncle Connor (& Gary)

4 1/2 months

yellow Ty (boy) with Ila at 8 months (almost)

group at 4 days

informal Sparkle resting from taking care of her children




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