McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee Trystan x Michael

Trystan and Michael puppies born 3/9/2011.  

4 Boys: brindle purple & gold, fawn orange  & turquoise

4 Girls: fawn burgundy, brindle red, pink, silver

Pedigree for litter


Ch McEmn's Olivia's Tryst

McEmn's Michael at Elysian (pointed)

burgundy - fawn girl - now called Ch Charlee 2 years

2 1/2 years

all relaxed, watching tv

gold collar - brindle boy Major with Bitsy

Lucy - pink collar - brindle girl

With Walter & Darlene & family

Woodson - purple collar - brindle boy

With Dawn and his aunt Lilly

Ch Dude - orange - fawn boy 16 months

with Joe     More pictures of Dude

17 months

Ch Cate - red collar - brindle girl - with Jan

2 years, finishing her championship

Dixie - silver collar - brindle girl - with Rob and Julie

3 years old

Dan - turquoise collar - fawn boy

with Tom & Maureen

above with some of her puppies at 4 days

Puppies at 11 days




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