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Nikki Riggsbee Things that have worked for us

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We've tried the following, and they've worked for us.  If you have good suggestions, let me know.  

diarrhea Canned pumpkin: add 1/2 cup or more to each meal.
hygromas Ichthammol, which is the operative ingredient in Eckerds Draw Out Salve.  Eckerds isn't in business any more.  Walgreens has a product containing ichthammol; you have to ask the pharmacist for it; it isn't on the open shelves.

Rub it on hygroma 1 - 2 times daily to reduce hygroma without surgery.

Crate the dog until absorbed, since it is tar based and messy.

taping ears Skin Bond substantially increases the length of time ears will stay taped.  However, it must dry first.  Get a "natural" bone which is hollow.  Stuff the hollow middle with peanut butter.  When you finish taping the ears, and the Skin Bond is still wet, put the dog in a crate with a peanut butter bone.  By the time she's finished with the bone, the Skin Bond is dry.  

Picture guide to taping ears.

removing tape UniSolve liquid.  It is used to remove adhesive (e.g. Skin Bond)  from humans.  It should be available at good (e.g. medical) drug stores.
skin infections Check with your vet first to eliminate other situations.  Then, if you want, you can try the following.  

Bath dog with over-the-counter tar-based shampoo according to directions.  After the bath, dip with the following dip: 1 gallon warm water, 2 tablespoons Clorox bleach, 2 tablespoons Boric Acid Powder (available from some drugstores, not prescription) (this powder doesn't dissolve easily - you'll have to smash the bits of powder into the water to make it dissolve).  Dip the whole dog, rubbing extra into the affected skin.  It can be repeated as often as needed.

Also, you can divide the recipe by 6 (1 tsp Clorox, 1 tsp Boric Acid Powder, 2 2/3 cup water) and put the result in a spray bottle. That way you can put the spray on the spot often without bathing.

pre-bloat gas If your dog is disposed to stomach gas or she "looks" like her stomach is upset and she might bloat, get 1 cc simethecone in her.  The most concentrated forms are Gas-Ease from Nature's Farmacy or a product contained concentrated simethecone from in the baby department of the drug store.
bait liver   Rinse one lb liver in water to remove as much blood as possible.  Arrange single layer on paper plate.  Sprinkle with garlic powder.  Cover with paper towel.  Microwave for 6-7 minutes.  Turn (may need another paper plate).  Microwave for 2 more minutes.  Put in plastic bag and freeze.
This page has plans for our third generation whelping box.
Magic Meatballs This is a supplement - in addition to and after regular meets - to put some weight on a dog fast.  5 lbs cheap hamburger, 20 envelopes Knox unflavored geletin, 10 egg yolks, 1 12-oz jar wheat germ, 1 regular size box Total cereal, 1 c molassas, 1 c corn oil.  Don't cook.  Mix all ingredients together well in large bowl.  Form into baseball/snowball sized balls.  Put into individual plastic bags & freeze.  Thaw as needed.  Feed 1 after each of two daily meals.  The dog can gain 3 - 6 lbs per week.
Espen Engh Excerpts of an article interviewing Espen Engh, primarily on breeding concepts.
Breeding Principles

 Concepts of Sylvia Hammarstrom, Skansen Kennels

Breeding Principles Oppenheimer Breeding Principles - helpful suggestions and warnings of pitfalls
by Terri Pascal 3 pieces of advice given to her in her nearly 30 years in dogs:

1. If you can't stand the thought of every dog you own looking, acting, & producing like your stud dog, don't use him.

2. If you aren't prepared to go out in your kennel or puppy room and find your best dog dead, or learn that your champion bitch has cataracts (or DCM), then stop now.

3. There is no dog worth loosing a friend over.

Breeding Rules Of John Buddie, Tartanside Collies


I strongly recommend Ellagic Acid to reduce or slow the growth of tumors.  It comes in gel capsules and is solely raspberry seed extract.  I've used it on two dogs and it greatly lengthened their remaining life.

Bloat Point

Click here for article .
Bald spot on tail

In cats ,this is often referred to as "stud tail". The official name for this is supracaudal gland hyperplasia. It is fairly common in both dogs and cats. It is mostly seen in intact males but females and neutered males can exhibit it too. If you google "supracaudal gland hyperplasia" you should be able to find more information.




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